As the standard lift shaft, Struct-Cores are as standard designed to support all loading from the lift equipment during installation, operation and maintenance. Struct-Cores are also designed to support lateral loads from the main structure as supplied by the client’s engineer. The Struct-Cores are also designed to support loads from adjoining beams and slabs.

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Stair Core

The Stair Core is a pioneering product that radically simplifies the installation of stairwells within structures.
Using the same principles as the Lift Shaft systems the Stair Core allows stairwells to be quickly erected on site to close dimensional tolerances.
The Stair Cores consist of precast box sections with internally fitted precast stairs and landings. If required the units can be designed to act as shear cores, using the same post-tensioned system as the smaller Struct-Core.
The Stair Core can be configured to suit any project, if required the cores can be combined with Lift Shafts and wing walls to create larger core structures.

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Pre-cast Modular Construction

Project completed in Manchester providing